Extra Pantry Tuesday

In response to the increased challenges that many families are facing because of the covid-19 pandemic, we have been keen to maximise the support the the Lighthouse Project can offer to struggling families and individuals.

In the media and the minds of the public there has been a groundswell of support for some of the national food distribution charities such as Fareshare, and because we are members of FareShare Greater Manchester the Lighthouse Pantry has managed to secure some additional food supplies from them, which means we can significantly extend the amount of support we can offer to local families by running an additional Pantry session on a Tuesday morning.

We started the new Pantry session today, 5th May 2020, and tow of our bubbly volunteers, Christine and Angela were on hand to welcome our new pantry members to their first visit around the shop.

Whilst we are not sure how long these additional food supplies will be available, we want to make the most of them whilst we have access to them. This extra supply has meant we have been able to increase the numbers of members we can support by 75%. In turn this means we have been able to wipe out our waiting list, and also take on some families moving from Middleton Central Foodbank.

This is great news for struggling families, and has also been made possible by the willingness of our volunteers to spend even more time at the Lighthouse getting things ready and in order – a big thank you to everyone involved.