The Lighthouse Project had the privilege of hosting a local Carers Fair this week at it’s Middleton Shopping Centre base in conjunction with, Living Well who sponsored the event, and Tony Ettenfield and Danny Smith who did a lot of the networking, planning and organising.

The event was officially opened by the Deputy Mayor Billy Sheerin who expressed his thanks and appreciation for all the carers that the event was intended to support and inspire. He also thanked those who had organised the event for their hard work.

During his opening welcome he said “carers are in my honest opinion are the very best members of our society. They selfishly devout hours of their time looking after those who due to illness, or old age, cannot care for themselves. There are over 23,000 carers in our borough, and these are just the ones we know about, so there are likely to be many more, both young and old, who need our support, so it is really important that we reach out to these amazing people through events such as this.”

There were over 30 different exhibitors who attended the event, and lots of local people in addition to the usual Lighthouse Project visitors who attended to see the wide range of caring services and support opportunities that are available in the area.

There was a great buzz of excitement in the Lighthouse during the event and much information was shared, and many new connections made.

Heywood and Middleton MP Liz McInnes also came along to give her support and to find out information to share with constituents.

The event was also supported by a Volunteer Fare that was taking place within other parts of the shopping centre, so on the whole is was a great day of celebration and working together for the greater good of the community. Further events are being planned for the future.