Do you shop at any of the Tesco stores in Middleton?

If so you can help us secure a grant from the Tesco Bags of Help Scheme which will be used to fit out a new large activity room in the Lighthouse Project so that we can put on a lot more social and activity based events and can reduce loneliness by bringing more people together in shared activities.
The level of grant is decided by a public vote, and this is where you can help, the voting is done in store by placing a voting token into one of three project boxes. Each project will receive a grant, but the amount is determined by the number of voting tokens received. 1st = £4k, 2nd = £2k, 3rd = £1k.
When you shop in Tesco you should be offered a voting token, please put this into the Lighthouse Project box. Voting is throughout July and August, if you don’t receive a token when you are checking out please ask for one nicely 🙂
Sadly we also seem to be competing against other local project, both of whom we know, or have worked with, vote according to your preference knowing that you will be doing some good for each one.