The internet is a great resource and is full of useful tools and information, learning to use it and to make your way in a digital world can seem daunting but there is no need to be afraid and you can quickly get to grips with many useful things to help you with daily tasks, or to stay in touch with family and friends.

Have you been given a technology present you don’t know how to use? Having trouble using or setting up your tablet, or smartphone? Then worry no more, just come along to one of our friendly tablet and smartphone drop-in sessions run by Andy.

We don’t profess to know everything… but what we do know we will share with you, and we will help you build your knowledge and learn new skills so that you can become a confident digital user!

At the Lighthouse Project we run weekly drop-in sessions for Tablet and Smartphone users on a Thursday between 10am-2pm, you can also book appointment slots during this time, there is no charge and you will be guaranteed a friendly smile and helpful support.

Please bring your device with you and make sure it is fully charged or you have your charger with you.