BBC Radio Manchester – News for the journey home

As part of our ongoing challenge to find a permanent base for the Lighthouse Project we got back in touch with BBC Radio Manchester as a follow up to the feature that they did on us in December 2015 when we were interviewed on the breakfast show whilst we were still in Warwick Mill and trying to find a new home then.

This time round we find ourselves in the same position of not having a permanent base and being under threat again of having no home. Whist in the interim we did manage to find some temporary accommodation on the Cromer Industrial Estate off Hilton Fold Lane we have not been able to make this into a permanent base because the owners want to develop the site in a different way which involves our section being demolished. steve-coogan-lighthouse-project-patron-oct-2016See this related news item.

In response to our plight, and the recent news that Steve Coogan has agreed to become patron of the Lighthouse Project, we were invited to speak about our situation on the Eamonn O’Neil evening journey home show on Friday 7th October 2016. You can listen to the interview with Carole, one of our team members, by clicking the track below.


cromer-industrial-estate-site-oct-2016In short, the building we occupy is part of a bigger site that comprises three sections which are 2 large warehouses and a mixed office and warehouse section. The owners are keen to sell the 2 large warehouses either separately or together, but in order to do this they feel that each needs its own service yard.

We are attached to the smaller of the warehouses and to give this property its own service yard the owners want to demolish the mixed office space we are in and flip the warehouse over so it has access off Hilton Fold Lane. But this would then mean there is no space for us to use.

If we were able to purchase the office portion and the attached warehouse, this could secure our place, however this is a big ask for us which is why we want to get the word out about our plight and to see if we can find anyone who could help us make a permanent home in this place.

At the same time we have been looking at other properties around Middleton, as potential alternatives, but these are just few and far between, and those that are are not always entirely suitable, or not yet available, which is where the pressure lies in trying to find somewhere quickly to prevent the work having to close down.

If you think that you can help us then please get in touch  –

To find our more about our situation or to help us in any way please get in touch, visit our Moving News page.

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