We hear too many people say to us that they ‘don’t do computers or the internet’ because it’s all far too complicated, well the truth is that this is not necessarily the case and with the benefit of some guided help it is possible to start using the internet very successfully in just a short amount of time.

It is national Get Online week between 17th October – 21st October and during this week at the Lighthouse Project we are running a number of taster sessions to wet your appetite for learning and to spark your interest in having a go.

Lighthouse Project Digital skills-new-learnmyway-front-page-1Here are some of our planned taster topics:

  • Monday – Food, Cooking & Shopping
  • Tuesday – Staying safe online
  • Wednesday – Social media, Facebook & Twitter
  • Thursday – Tablets and Smartphones
  • Friday – How to get information and help on health issues

No previous experience is required, we can take you from where you are and find something that will start your journey towards improving you online skills.

For a copy of our poster click this link: golw-2016-whats-on-at-the-lighthouse