Lighthouse Project 100000 visits pictureCome and see what we do – at our Open Day

The Lighthouse Project opened its doors to the public of Middleton on 7th June 2010, at that time we knew we had a good idea for helping people but we were not sure how well it would work out.

In our first week we helped just 10 visitors, but since then our work has grown and the number of people visiting the centre has increased dramatically and in January when we passed the 100,000 visits mark. Wow.

In June we are celebrating our 5th birthday and to mark the occasion we are holding a birthday lunch and an open day so that we can share our journey, reflect on our achievements and talk about our ambitions.

You are invited to attend our OPEN DAY from 10am – 2pm on Sriday 6th June 2015. See you there.

Lighthouse 5th birthday bash Open Day v1 img May 2015