Get online week – Monday 13th – Friday 17th October 2014

The digital world surrounds us all, and at times it may seem that we can’t escape it. For some this brave new world makes then feel afraid, for others it is all too confusing, or too difficult to do, but it need not be this way.

I could not work a computer until I came to the Lighthouse Project, the staff are very good and help you to work them. I am now very happy because I have started doing job searches and sending, sending my cv, etc. none of which I could do before.

logo_final_nostrapAt the Lighthouse Project we love helping people learn new skills and discover the ease of using modern technology and the internet. We run regular computer courses that start with the basics and gradually help you to become computer skilled and digitally competent.

Our courses are run at your own speed so you will never feel that you are holding others back, they let you build up your knowledge in small bit-sized pieces until you suddenly find that this new world is not as scary as you thought it was as you effortlessly surf the internet and communicate with friends across the globe.

small_bendy_man-croppedGet online week helps us to focus some of our effort in catching your imagination and stimulating your interest in trying something new.

Come along, drop in and discover what you can do online!