Wellbeing Dominoes 1st sessions get going

The Lighthouse Project  is working with Cartwheel Arts and Crimble Croft community centre on a joint project called Wellbeing Dominoes. This is a creative activity designed to help people improve their sense of happiness and wellbeing.

WBD-LHP pict 1 22 May 2014The Lighthouse Project in Middleton is one of the places that the course is being piloted over the next 10 weeks of Wellbeing Dominoes, along with a similar course being run at Crumble Croft community centre in Heywood.

The aim of these sessions is to trial the game with some groups, and deliver a creative programme of activities to help them with their wellbeing.

When meeting a group for the first time, there’s always questions. Wondering if the group will click with each other and if they’ll enjoy the activities and get something out of the session.

WBD-LHP pict 2 22 May 2014I’m happy to say that everyone got on really well with each other, even though group members were reserved as with any first session, there were smiles and laughs and people began to open up.

We started by choosing an image, talking about it and introducing ourselves. And after setting some ground rules, we did the ‘Squiggle game!’ A really fun group doodle game which always goes down well and produces some psychedelic results! (See above picture)

We then spent the last hour doing some colour wash backgrounds and collaging around the theme of ‘things that help your Wellbeing’

The session was relaxed and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Hopefully we’ll see the same group back again next week.

Based on an  article from the Art for Wellbeing website by Cartwheel Arts. You can find out more information about some of Cartwheel Arts projects on this site.