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Nine million people nationwide are still not on line, according to a survey out today

The report which forms part of a national “Get On Line” week also reveals more than half of the elderly surveyed have never used the internet due to fear of the unknown.

It is mainly the elder generations who have less access to the internet. Lack of facilities, knowledge and technical know how have been given as reasons why the elderly feel frightened and lost when it comes to getting online. Older people have explained that the main driving force behind them wanting to get online was contact with family and friends.

They cited things like email with grandchildren, shopping on line, viewing family/holiday pictures, SKYPE, tracing genealogy, access to information about the local area and chatting with friends as the most important reasons for learning how to use computers and the internet.

Race Online 2012 is a national campaign led by the UK’s Digital Champion, Martha Lane Fox, to get everyone in the UK online by the Olympic year