Comments and Feedback

Children at play

Here are some of the comments that dads who has used other Who Let The Dads Out? projects have made:

“It’s great to have something just for dads.”
Martin (Dad to Alex)

“I get to spend a couple of hours with my children on a one to one basis. It also gives my wife a couple of hours off.”
David (Dad to Patrick and Isaac)

“In a small way I feel it has deepened the bond between us.”
Jonathan (Dad to Oliver)

“I enjoy the singing the most. I have been the lone reedy tenor at a mainstream playgroup, but to hear the sweet melodies of the Who Let The Dads Out? male voice choir is a thing of great beauty!”
John (Dad to Rowan)

“I enjoy playing with Mollie and Phoebe, meeting other dads and the bacon butties!”
Alan (Dad to Mollie and Phoebe)

“I go to spend some time alone with Elise. It has strengthened my bond with her.”
Michael (Dad to Elise and Leon)

“I wish ours was every Saturday!”
Dave (Dad to Jacob and Daniel)

“It’s an excellent service to the community. It gives dads a chance to spend quality time with their children and socialise with other dads.”
Martin (Dad to Alex)