A Work Club provides a place to meet for people looking for work; to exchange skills, share experiences, find opportunities, make contacts and get support to help them in their efforts to return to work.

Work Clubs can improve people’s chances of finding a job. 30% of people who lose their jobs find another one through friends, family or social networks. 

Only 10 % of people acquire new jobs through Job Centres so the saying ‘Who you know’ still counts for a lot.

A Work Club enables members to expand their network of contacts whilst acting as a support group. It nurtures confidence, self esteem and optimism all of which are essential in the job search process. Their efforts are strengthened by the sense of belonging to a group and job searches tend to be shorter.

Work Clubs can also help members keep ‘work ready’ by arranging voluntary work.

Volunteering not only provides valuable help to local organisations and charities; it brings purpose, raises self esteem and speaks volumes to a potential employer about the drive, tenacity and potential of the job seeker / volunteer.