Mock Interviews to practice your skills

Thumbs up picIf it is beneficial we can give you a helping hand by arranging to hold a mock interview with you so that you can experience what it is like to be in a modern interview and so you can practice your technique and get some immediate and constructive feedback on how you did.

The interviews are quite informal in nature and intended to help you so don’t be afraid or scared to make an appointment. We have lots of positive feedback from people who we have been helped by doing an interview with us.

For some it helped them get a job. Here is what will happen when you do:


1. Let us know the job type or industry you prefer, or are looking to enter.

2. We will give you an appointment time.

3. We will conduct a mock interview for a generic job role in that sector

4. We begin by explaining the format of the interview e.g.

  • Introduction,
  • Time expected,
  • How the interview will be conducted etc.

5. At the end of the interview you will be invited to ask any questions you may have.

6. We will then go through all your answers and feedback hints and tips that may be useful for you to consider before your actual interview.

7. Feedback is immediate and notes kept during the interview and notes on feedback are given to the client to take away as a reminder.

8. Not all questions will be asked at an actual interview. Some interviews can be less formal but feedback from clients that have used the service suggest, it has been a very useful exercise and has helped dispel some of the nerves that people feel before actual interviews

9. These are MOCK interviews for your benefit and are quite informal in nature so don’t be afraid to make an appointment. For an appointment please contact the centre on – 0161 643 1163.


 For more information about the sort of questions you might be asked view our other pages.

To download some sample interview questions:

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