Purpose of Interview Questions

Eagle soaringDepending on the type of work that you are looking for you may be asked lots of questions, or just a few. there may be one interviewer, or a small panel. There may be some practical tests or you may have to fill in other forms or personality profiles and the like.

You need to remember that interviewing is challenging for the interviewer as well as for you the candidate, and that the questions the employer is asking you are not intended to trick you but to try and find out more about you, your skills and motivation.

But don’t be put off or be afraid, just keep in mind that these are only tools to try and find out more about you.

The Interview Question top tip is – be prepared!

The key to answering any interview question is to be well prepared and to ask yourself “why is the employer asking me this question?” Usually they want to know one of the following:

  • To find out what you have to offer the company? 
  • To find out what you know about the company?
  • To find out whether you really want to work for them and if you will stay in the role?
  • To find out if you understand the job that you are applying for and can cope with the realities and pressures of the role?
  • To find out how you might respond in particular circumstances or situation?