Categories of Question

These are the top 10 categories that most interview questions fall into.

bubble_smallSome questions come up time and time again particularly regarding yourself, your experience and the job itself, so to avoid surprises be prepared and practice your responses.

We are not suggesting that you have set words and pat answers but once you are familiar and confident about how you might answer these types of question then this will help you to be more fluid in the actual interview.


  1. Your skills
  2. The employer and their business
  3. About the job and role
  4. Your ambitions
  5. Your work history
  6. Your motivation
  7. About the product or service
  8. Team working
  9. Your personality and interests
  10. Unusual questions

To download a list of the types of questions in each category and suggested answers
then click here: Lighthouse Project – Top 10 categories of interview questions