Many people ask us where the idea for the Lighthouse Project came from.

In 2006 whilst I was on a leadership training course a guest speaker came to talk to us about working with disadvantaged and marginalised people. That speaker was a lady called Catherine Marshall who was running a work called ‘The Lighthouse Project’ which was based in the Sandwell area of the West Midlands. At the time they had been running for 10 years and had grown from nothing to operating out of four community venues.

I was so impressed by the work I said to myself “we need one of these in Middleton”, and from that small seed thought a journey began which has led to us opening our own Lighthouse Project here in Middleton.

Sadly along the way the original project experienced some funding difficulties, not of their own making, which resulted in them having to close all of their centres, and this happened just before we took possession of our own premises. Undeterred and convinced of the value of the concept we continued to set up our centre under the same name as in many ways we see our work as walking in the footsteps of those who inspired us.

The video below is one that the founding Lighthouse Project prepared in order to tell the story of their journey and to explain the principles behind their work. This message is still true for ourselves in part so we have made the video available for people to get a feel of what the Lighthouse Project is about. You will enjoy it and I hope that it stirs your heart in the same way that it stirred mine.

What started as a seed and then a dream has now become a reality.

Carl Roach

The roots of the Lighthouse Project from Carl Roach on Vimeo.