Our unique selling point – our model of work

Too many people who have multiple needs get lost in the support system often being sent from one organisation or department to another, which many cannot cope with or navigate.

The way that we work at the Lighthouse has come out of over 11 years of experience that the founding Lighthouse Project from the West Midlands had in helping and supporting people. See the video of their story and our inspirational roots.

The Lighthouse unique selling point

The typical method used to support people with multiple issues them involves sending them out to multiple organisations and agencies. We call this the ‘sending out’ model.

The problem with this is that the people involved often find it hard to navigate all these appointments and recommendations and so they get lost on the way, or give up and drop out of the system. They then gets called the ‘hard to reach’ because it is perceived that they are not engaging with the support on offer, and they don’t get the support they are entitled to.

The model of working developed at the Lighthouse is a ‘bringing in’ model which is a solution focussed method. We turn the ‘sending-out’ model on its head by creating a safe place for visitors to come and then work hard to bring in a wide range of support to the centre, hence the name.

This model increases and improves the take up of support and it ensures that people start getting what they need to help them move on. It doesn’t totally remove the need to go and access services elsewhere but it does reduce the drop-out as people start to get help in the centre which builds up their confidence.

This way of working also increases partnerships and joined-up working which sparks new and innovative ways of providing better support for people; which we have already seen happen.