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About the Lighthouse Project

Thank you for visiting the Lighthouse Project Middleton, we trust that you will find out what you need from our web site, and if you don’t then please let us know. We are here to serve and support you.

The Lighthouse Project in Middleton is a part of Inspire Middleton which is a local charity, and although there are other organisations around which which do similar work and use a similar name the Lighthouse Project in Middleton is not connected to them.

The vision of the Lighthouse Project in Middleton is to provide a safe and welcoming environment where people can meet together, find support and access opportunitites that are caring, social and educational.

We trust that if you visit our centre or use our services that we will be able to help and support you in some way ~ the Lighthouse Team.


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Lighthouse beginnings

Many people ask us where the idea for the Lighthouse Project came from. In 2006 whilst I was on a leadership training course a guest speaker came to talk to us about working with disadvantaged and marginalised people. That speaker was a lady called Catherine Marshall who was running a work called ‘The Lighthouse Project’ …

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Connections & people we work with

We have listed below some of the organisations that we have been working with since we began … some of these are current and ongoing relationships and some have come to an end due to the completion of project working, and they are not listed in any particular order:  

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Our Values

The Lighthouse Project is part of a Christian based charity called Inspire Middleton, and our values & motivation come from our Christian commitment; this commitment is what leads us to care for all people irrespective of their own background and belief, or even if they have none. Our work is fully inclusive and we reach …

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The Lighthouse Project is a diverse and innovative community based voluntary sector initiative that works at grassroots level and is designed to bring hope in disadvantaged & deprivation stricken communities. We have a passion for people, who are our focus, and for alleviating social hardship, exclusion, isolation, deprivation and inequalities. We provide a wide variety …

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Too many people who have multiple needs get lost in the support system often being sent from one organisation or department to another, which many cannot cope with or navigate. The Lighthouse Project turns this idea on its head and brings the support to the people, with the result of helping those who need it …

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People who access the Lighthouse Project are typically from socially and economically deprived communities, and a large portion have children, are isolated, suffer from low self-esteem and have little or no skills designated by the Government as NEETS (no education, employment, or training). Our purpose is to engage and support those who would normally miss …

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Our aim is to breakdown barriers to personal development, improve family life, alleviate poverty, and tackle the negative effects of social deprivation and hardship. We believe in supporting people to reach their full potential; whoever that may be, regardless of their age, race, ethnicity, religion, belief, or circumstance. We seek tackle locally and nationally identified …

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A Safe Place

Lighthouse centres provide a friendly, accepting, encouraging, and comfortable environment where people feel safe to meet, make friends, participate, gain confidence, develop feelings of self worth, and access the services they require to learn new skill, to grow and to develop emotionally, socially and educationally, and to become more independent. Lighthouse centre are accessible and …

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How we are funded

The Lighthouse Project is a community work of Inspire Middleton which is a local registered charity, and as such we are funded through the individual gifts and donations from supporters, and applying for grants towards the work that we undertake. Much of our work is undertaken by volunteers who give their time and experience free …

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