pat-scrimshawThe Lighthouse Project is a UKonline Centre and we help people learn computer skills that help improve their lives and their ability to connect with the world.
Here is a Case study from another UKonline Centre that shows how these simple skills can radically change and improve your life – read on.

When the manager at her sheltered housing scheme told Pat Scrimshaw, 64, about some new computer classes they were running, Pat initially dismissed the idea.

But after a few classes she credits computers and the internet for giving her a whole new outlet in life, and now she can’t wait to learn more.

Pat says: “When Dawn told me about the computer classes I thought, ‘well that’s not for me, I’m that thick I’d never get the hang of it’. That’s pretty much what I told Dawn, but she persuaded me they really were for complete beginners, so I thought I’d give them a go!

Gresley Road is a sheltered housing complex run by Sanctuary Housing, and in partnership with local UK online centre Doncaster West Development Trust and headed up by Scheme Manager Dawn Morris, they set up a series of classes on site, aimed at elderly and disabled residents.

Pat has been wheelchair bound for most of her life, and admits that despite the support of her husband and scheme staff, she can feel isolated.

After some persuasion I thought I’d give them ago, it was another chance to get out of my bungalow and see people, and I’m so glad I did it. It’s been wonderful.
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